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Meaning of the name

Rustam translated from Persian means "hero".


From childhood, Rustam has the makings of a leader. However, some nervousness and impulsiveness often prevent Rustam from gaining authority.

Rustam always takes only the job that he likes. In this case, everything turns out fine, but if he has to do an unloved thing, the result leaves much to be desired.

Rustam is unpredictable in his actions and decisions. Rustam was daring, sometimes even too much. Rustam loves danger, which greatly worries his family and friends.

Rustam has a lot of friends, he is sociable, attentive, kind, cheerful, always ready to help.

It is very difficult to convince Rustam of something, but he listens to advice patiently.

Rustam is very mobile and active. He can be a good athlete. To make a career, Rustam must choose only the business that he will be happy to do.


Rustam's sexuality is great, but he is able to control it. Rustam, in a relationship with a woman, is open and honest, demands the same from her. Rustam is a very sophisticated lover. Loves to have fun and loves to deliver it.

Rustam prefers long and passionate foreplay, exquisite caresses, looking for new ways to get more thrills. He loves high-quality, varied sex, so that there is something to remember after.

Rustam loves communication during sex. He constantly asks his partner questions, wants to know how she feels.

After good sex, Rustam does not leave pleasant thoughts and memories for several days, but if he failed, he tries to immediately forget about it, and no longer looks for meetings with this partner.

Rustam settles down and usually gets married about thirty or forty years old. After marriage, he becomes an exemplary family man.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Libra, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Rustam gives the impression of something majestic, strong, courageous, loud.

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