Male Slavic names

Male Slavic names

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Belbog - white god
Belobog - white god
Belun - white god
Bielobog - white god
Bilobog - white god
Bilun - white god
Bielbog - White God

Velez - attached or hidden
Venkeslas - More Glory
Victor - conquer, victory
Vladimir is a famous ruler
Vletko - famous ruler
Vova is a famous ruler
Hair - attached or hidden

Gostislav - staff of reflection

Daniel - God is my judge
Darko - a gift
Jeri is a peasant
Javor - maple tree

Zernebog - Black God
Zoren - ray of dawn

Casimir - famous, great destroyer
Casimir - famous, great destroyer
Kamil - keeper
Kresimir - Cross of Peace
Creusot - cross of peace
Krnobog - black god
Crazimir - a beautiful world

Leszek - rustic
Lech - rustic

Miro - the world
Mladen - young
Matija - a gift from God

Perun - thunder
Pritbor - advance, battle

Sverog - clear and bright
Stribog - a flowing god
Stanislav is a great government
Stanko is a great government

Theodore is a gift from God

Tsdrevko - healthy

Chernobog - black god

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