Female Teutonic names

Female Teutonic names

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Irmhild - fighting everywhere
Irmenhild - fighting everywhere
Irmtraud - deeply loved
Irmtrud - deeply beloved

Malacinta is a strong worker
Mechtilda - strong in battle
Mechtilde - strong in battle

Nertuz - strong, energetic
Nersuz - strong, energetic

Hailwidis - curvy, healthy and musical
Helevidis - voluptuous, healthy and musical
Hildegard - Combat Unit
Hildegard - Combat Unit
Chronohaidis - famous genus

Ermentraud - deeply loved
Ermentraude - deeply beloved
Ermentrud - deeply loved
Ermingtlda - fighting everywhere
Ermintraud - deeply loved
Ermintrude - deeply loved
Ermtraud - deeply loved
Ermtrud - deeply beloved

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