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Meaning of the name

Tikhon in translation from ancient Greek means "happiness", successful ".


Tikhon in childhood has excellent health, obedient, calm. Parents are not happy with the child. He loves to help around the house and is a good student. Tikhon loves to read books about adventures and watch similar films.

In the courtyard, with his many friends, Tikhon plays outdoor games, sometimes the stories for the games are taken from the books he has read.

Growing up, Tikhon becomes an independent, solid man. Tikhon ponders his actions, does not give in to feelings and emotions.

Tikhon, born in winter, fighter for justice.

Tikhon, born in spring, is good-natured, has a good sense of humor, cheerful, sociable.

Tikhon, born in summer, is an optimist. He loves life with all its joys and failures.

Tikhon is always in a good mood, and infects those around him with his unsinkable optimism. Tikhon's favorite food is fish. Tikhon is an inventor, but only on paper. His projects are almost never implemented.

Tikhon is heavy on his feet, does not like to visit, but his house is always open for friends. Tikhon is an excellent family man, he can become an excellent herbalist. Tikhon is unobtrusive in dealing with people.


In sex, Tikhon is somewhat lazy. He loves active women, not because he loves to concede the leading role to a woman, but precisely because of his laziness. He is gentle, affectionate, delicate, helpful.

Loves women who are open, cheerful, witty. He loves natural beauty. Women, heavily made up and overly glamorous dressed and combed, cause bewilderment and laughter in him.

You can win Tikhon's heart not with leather underwear with stockings, but with a lack of makeup, loose hair and ... a funny anecdote.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Tikhon gives the impression of something simple, kind.

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