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Today, jogging is one of the most well-known forms of fitness activity for heart attack prevention. However, a number of misconceptions are also known that are directly related to such training.

If you can get rid of false ideas about running, then your workouts will improve qualitatively, you will be able to choose comfortable shoes for training and improve the effect of such a simple, but so useful exercise.

Stretching can help prevent injury while running. Do not equate stretching and warm-up. These are completely different concepts. Before running training, the muscles are very tight, not warmed up, and intense muscle stretching in this state can harm the body. It is best to warm up your muscles before starting a run. To do this, you need to perform a special set of exercises so that the blood runs faster. Of course, stretching exercises are also very important, however, they should be done after your run is over. Then you can make your hot and tired muscles more flexible.

You must first carry your own running shoes. For starters, it's worth noting that running shoes should fit perfectly on your foot. When you put it on, there should be no uncomfortable sensations: the shoes should not slip, squeeze the foot, and even more so rub. When buying new sneakers, do not indulge in hopes that over time they will spread and you will be more comfortable in them. The shoes should fit you perfectly right from the start.

Walking is boring compared to running. Famous Japanese runner and writer Haruki Murakami, in his collection of essays "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running", writes about the correspondences between running and writing. He says that during training, he never goes to step. In fact, alternating walking and running is a great workout. According to various experts, periodically changing jogging to walking will allow you to take a break, avoid injury, and, moreover, prolong your workouts.

Jogging is the only way to keep yourself in shape. Many people prefer jogging due to the fact that they are a fairly simple and effective method of losing weight. Keep in mind, however, that running on hard asphalt or exercising on a treadmill often leads to injury. Running isn't the only effective way to stay fit. Alternatively, you can try cross-training: You will change or combine different exercise programs such as swimming, cycling, aerobics, and so on. Moreover, group training is much more fun than individual training. Thus, it will be difficult for you to get bored or lose motivation to go in for sports, because you can always choose an activity that suits you.

It is necessary to increase the pace towards the end of the run. If your speed increases at the end of the race, when your muscles are already tired, you dramatically increase your chances of not only getting injured, but also having a heart attack. When the passion for running crosses the line that separates regular training from sports, and the "race for results" begins, the heart can no longer cope with the resulting load. This is due to the fact that with increased rhythm, the heart is still able to maintain the functioning of vital organs, however, it is no longer able to serve itself properly. Therefore, you must always remember that the main thing is not the result, but your own health. Of course, during classes, you can increase the pace of running in order to give yourself a stronger load, but at the end of the run you should not overstrain at all. It will be even better for the body if you run more calmly.

Running requires a special body constitution. We can safely say that absolutely any person is capable of running (and it doesn't matter what his figure is). You don't need to have long and flexible legs (like famous marathon runners do). The most important thing in running training is to maintain correct running technique.

Runners don't need to do strength training. Of course, jogging is considered an excellent complex workout for the body. It especially tones the lower body. But if you want to avoid injury, you should strengthen your leg muscles, especially if you like long and fast runs. However, in order not to disturb the "balance" of your figure - do exercises to strengthen all the muscles in the body.

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