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In many religions, the forces of good are always opposed by evil. This gives rise to myths about the devil, which we will try to debunk.

The Church of Satan worships him. Such associations of believers most often carry out underground activities. What people do there, you can find out from the images. They show believers who perform dark rituals, they are engaged in sacrifices, including human ones, they drink the blood of babies. But this church itself says that the meaning of the doctrine is not at all in only one blind worship of the devil. Believers do not limit themselves to prayers to Satan. In general, he is a kind of metaphor that helps to fantasize and connect parts of other religions. For Satanists, the devil is the main opposition in fiction and fantasy, where Good and God stand out as Jesus Christ. Satanists do not worship someone, but believe in the existence of their hero, honoring him. For them, the devil is a symbol of devotion to earthly things and deeds, and not spiritual and aloof. Satanists believe that humans are also worthy of reverence, as are gods from a wide variety of religions. The church says this on its website, explaining a difficult position for believers. Satanism is not a faith for stupid people; it must not only be accepted, but also understood. It is assumed that a person will not only blindly worship Satan, but also study the world around him, think about it, developing critical judgment.

666 is the number of Satan. This number is considered the Number of the Beast. That is why many people make tattoos with sixes, there is a mention of this in mass culture. Why such a number was chosen is not entirely clear. But there is a mention of the three sixes in the book of Revelation. There, John directly associates this number with the Antichrist. Today archaeologists have in their hands a lot of Egyptian manuscripts dating back to the 3rd-4th centuries. With the help of the latest technological advances, scientists at the Oxford Center have been able to decipher most of the ancient texts. It turned out that the secret of the number of the beast lies only in numerology. When these documents were being created, direct worship of Satan could bring trouble to the people. That is why they were given the opportunity to choose numbers with the help of numerology, hiding names. And in order to decipher the numbers, you need to understand the writing system itself, and what people generally thought in those days. It is believed that the number 666 comes from the name Nero. In ancient times, he was just considered the earthly embodiment of the devil. But the number also depends on the translation of the name. When translating the name from Greek Nero Kesar (Caesar Nero) into Hebrew, it turned out NRWN QSR, which can be encrypted into the number 666. But if the text was originally in Latin, then when it was translated into Hebrew and then encrypted, a different number was obtained - 616.

Lucifer is one of the names of the devil. Sunday schools and early Bible studies teach that an angel named Lucifer became Satan. He just wanted to become equal to God, for which he was expelled from heaven. But there is no such story in the Bible itself. And the name Lucifer is mentioned there only once, and its interpretation was a translation error. Isaiah 14:12 says: “How you fell from heaven, day girl, son of the dawn! He crashed to the ground, trampling on the peoples! " There is no obvious error in this line, but it is hidden in both interpretation and translation. The original Hebrew text does not speak of a fallen angel at all, but of a Babylonian king. His fall is the loss of the throne when he began to persecute the Israelites. But when Christians translated the book, the king turned into an angel. And the name Lucifer comes from the name of this Babylonian, his name was Helal. This word literally means "son of the dawn" or "morning star". The Romans tried to find a word that was close in meaning. They decided to use the name of the planet that first appears at dawn for this. That which in Rome was called Lucifer, we now call Venus. So this name has nothing to do with Satan and his birth at all. As a deity, Lucifer appeared in mythology only in the IV century, when his image was mentioned in his text by Jerome of Stridon. He just created the canonical text of the Bible.

The pentagram is a symbol of Satan. The Third Reich gave the swastika a different interpretation, but this is an ancient symbol that never had anything in common with the Nazis. A similar story happened with the pentagram. Today, such an inverted symbol is depicted with a goat's head of the devil, but the original meaning of the pentagram was even the opposite and anti-Satanist. Initially, the five-pointed star denoted the five wounds inflicted on Christ during the crucifixion. This symbol is popular in architecture and is often used by Mormons. And since the founding of the Church of Satan, additional elements have appeared in the pentagram in the form of a goat's horn, beard and ears. And the mention of a goat's head was discovered by churchmen even before the first appearance of its image in the 1897 book "The Key to Dark Magic". It was written by the French occultist Stanislas de Guaita. He certainly knew the difference between the occult and the worship of Satan. Not long before this, another French researcher of the supernatural, Eliphas Levi, wrote directly about the connection between the pentagram and the image of a goat. By 1924, the head of the animal was often depicted on pentagrams. In the text "Occult Science and Practical Magic", the effect of destruction was attributed to such a picture. And the Church of Satan later simply borrowed the image, associating it with the devil.

The goat's head is a symbol of Satan. You can look in the Bible for a description of Satan with a goat's head, but you cannot find it. There are several references to the forbidden worship of demons, idols and goats in Leviticus 17: 7, and Exodus also mentions this. So where did this image come from? The half-man-half-goat became the symbol of Satan, he is called Baphomet. And the connection between the demonic head of an animal and Satan appeared at a time when people began to stone Masons with stones. There is a mention in history that the Pope gave the order to arrest the Templars and members of their organization. As proof of their guilt, the worship of the demon Baphomet was cited. At that time, such a name did not even exist. According to the records, out of 231 knights interrogated by the priests with the help of torture, only 12 told about a certain fleeting vision and the arrival of Baphomet to them. 600 years have passed since the trial of the Templars, and in his work Eliphas Levi depicted Satan with the head of a goat. The occultist called this creature Baphomet, borrowing part of the name from the Egyptian deity Benedbjedet. And the image of a goat in the center of the pentagram was associated with another Egyptian god, Amun. Today this very symbol is used by the Church of Satan.

Satan is a relative of Pan. Christians had a habit of borrowing foreign gods, which they treated badly. There seems to be a direct connection between Satan and Pan. This goat-footed satyr appeared in Greek mythology. This creates another misconception. In fact, the devil was not connected with Pan, but Jesus was. Satyr was the son of the god Hermes, this is one of the few Vedic figures in the Greek pantheon of gods. Pan was worshiped by shepherds and farmers, many of them pray to him to protect their flocks from predators. But this status is fairly common. Thus, Saint Bartholomew is also considered the patron saint of shepherds. In a little-known story about the birth of Christ, it is said that at his birth a voice appeared to the owner of the house, Tamus. He told that it is necessary to inform everyone about the death of the Great Pan and the birth of Jesus Christ. It is strange that satire was generally perceived negatively. The Church could well see him as a shepherd, but as a god of fertility she could not approve. And there are parallels between Pan and Christ, just the church at a certain moment considered that the image of Pan is much closer to the devil's morality, and not divine.

Satan's symbol is an inverted cross. That the upside-down cross symbolizes devilry was told in the film "The Omen". And musicians working in the genre of "heavy metal rock" resort to such a symbol. It appeared on the basis of the idea that Christ's great sacrifice must have a downside. But this is not the whole truth. The inverted cross can be seen not only as an anti-Christian message, but also as a symbol of humility. There is a story about this in the ancient writings of Christians: Eusebius of Caesarea, Saint Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch. They said that at one time in Rome, by order of the emperor Nero, the Apostle Peter was crucified. The ruler sharply opposed Christianity. But Peter considered himself unworthy to die, like his Lord. That is why he asked to be crucified with his head down. This is how the inverted cross began to mean humility. Such a symbol is worn not only by Satanists, but also by those who, like Peter, want to pay tribute to the sacrifice made by Christ. This cross can be found even on the throne of the Pope, who certainly cannot be suspected of worshiping the devil. It's just that the vicar of God on earth continues Peter's activities, he wears his shoes, like his cross. And the Pope has no connection with Satan in this regard. And today there is even a fashion for an inverted cross. Jewelers began to produce items that were facing in two different directions, as well as simply directed in a different direction than traditionally.

Satan's demons do only evil. In the Middle Ages, there was a magical tradition of summoning demons and making talismans, Goetia. One of the most famous such grimoires, The Small Key of King Solomon, contains information about demons in Christian mythology. It says that King Solomon was the wisest among all earthly kings and knew how to talk not only with people, but also with animals, as well as with demons and angels. The famous temple of the king was generally built with the help of the servants of Satan, one of whom was called Asmodeus. Now we consider demons to be cunning and deceitful creatures that manipulate people. But these were not little devils with a forked tail. In the 16th century, researchers compiled a complete list of demons and indicated how they should be summoned and controlled then. In "The Little Key of King Solomon" there are many references to the work of other scholars. Thanks to such material, you can get complete information about the summoning of any of the 72 demons who helped the king to build his temple. With the appearance of a demon in our world, he will not be released at all. The pentagram must keep it within its borders. And all demons have different characteristics. For example, the tenth in a row, Buer, will help to learn natural and moral philosophy, logic, will tell about all the properties of plants and herbs, will be able to heal people's mental illnesses. The fifteenth spirit, Eligos, appears in the form of a beautiful knight with a spear, a banner and a serpent. This demon will be able to reveal the secrets of the future and teach the art of war. Spirit of Naberius will reveal the secrets of science and art, teach rhetoric. He will help regain lost knowledge and restore honor. So demons can be useful in theory.

Satan rules in Hell. The devil is often called the Lord of Darkness or the King of Hell. They say that this is where he is going to spend all eternity. But what are the reasons to think so? If you read Paul's letter to the Hebrews, then at 2:14 you can find the phrase that Christ will “destroy” Satan. But don't take the verb literally. It is not used literally, the word "katargeo" can mean "to win" or "to get someone out of the way." And Hell is not Satan's kingdom at all. The Bible says that this is his prison, where he will be tortured, like everyone else who denied God. This is confirmed by Revelation 20:10. This verse says that the fate of Satan is a foregone conclusion - he will burn in a lake of fire.

Satan buys souls from people and then poisons them to hell. Many plots of books and films are devoted to how a person gives his soul to the devil in exchange for fulfilling desires. Revelation Matthew 25:46 says that every person has freedom. Satan cannot take souls from us and turn them into evil. Which side to be on is the choice of each of us. But God will still punish all those who spread evil on Earth, both people and Satan.

Satan lives in Hell. It is a fairly common myth that Satan lives in Hell and not only rules there. But the Bible debunks him. She says that Satan resides permanently on Earth, among us. He constantly tempts people, forcing them to sin and luring them to his side. In the book of revelation there is a story about the city of Pergamum, which is called the throne of Satan. They could be the local temple, the Great Altar of Zeus. After all, the prophet John once said: “And write to the Angel of the Church of Pergamon: thus says He who has a sword sharp on both sides: I know your deeds, and that you live where the throne of Satan is, and that you contain My Name, and have not denied My faith even in those days in which you have, where Satan lives, my faithful witness Antipas was killed. " From the standpoint of time, the throne was not just a place to sit, it was a real abode. And John's words to the people of Pergamum are gratitude for their faith, because one of the representatives died a terrible death, which rarely happened even among martyrs. It is known that in Pergamum there was the ancient Greek temple of Asklepion, dedicated to the god of medicine Asclepius. They said that the sick should take sleeping pills and then spend the night surrounded by snakes, then they would dream of Asclepius. People told their dreams to doctors, who acted as interpreters and prescribed medications in accordance with what they saw. And after the arrival of Christianity in the city, these healers begged the city authorities to expel these believers. Allegedly, the presence of Christ here interfered with the old spirits. They tried to force Antipas to renounce his faith and swear allegiance to Rome. And when he refused, he was placed in a red-hot copper ox at the very top of Zeus's altar. But the story doesn't end there. In the middle of the 19th century, the German engineer Karl Humann came to the destroyed city. This place was found on the territory of modern Asia Minor, in modern Turkey. He requested permission from the authorities to begin excavations here and the discovery of artifacts. And the Germans found a lot of interesting things. In 1930, the Pergamon Museum was opened in Berlin, the center of which was the Great Altar of Zeus. A few years later, this place inspired Albert Speer, forcing him to draw an eerie parallel. Adolf Hitler asked him to design a new building. Speer recreated the altar on a large scale. The same copper ox, from which Antipas was tortured to death, was replaced. Instead, a podium was built for Hitler, from which he was to read his fiery speeches. But, returning to Pergamum, we can assume that it was here, on the territory of modern Turkey, that Satan could have lived. Indeed, in Asia Minor, and not Hell, was his throne.

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