Back pain is a significant cause of loss of human performance, ranked behind the flu and colds. Let's consider the main myths about this disease.

In order for your back not to hurt, you need to sit up straight. Of course, there is nothing good about hunched over and stooped. However, sitting as if you have swallowed an arshin is not worth it either. In this position, the back muscles are overstrained, we get the result we ran away from - back pain. If during the working day you have to sit for a long time, then it is worth leaning back in a chair, stretching. Better to stand for a while during a telephone conversation or reviewing papers.

It is harmful for the back to lift weights. In fact, it is not important how and how much you do it and what exactly you lift. It is clear that an obviously overwhelming load is not worth trying to handle. When lifting, you should not bend your back, but your legs, while keeping the load closer to the body, and not on outstretched arms. A position should also be avoided in which only the upper body turns with the load, and the legs remain motionless (twisting). Sitting on a chair, do not try to pick up a dropped object, such as a pencil. This movement is fraught with the risk of ripping off your back, regardless of the weight of the object.

If your back hurts, it is better to lie down. This recipe is only suitable for acute pain that could arise from overexertion or as a result of injury. But even in this case, one cannot remain in a horizontal position for a long time. A day or two of bed rest will not help, but only worsen the state of health.

Back pain can occur only due to injury. There are many diseases that can lead to pain in this area. And it is not at all necessary that they are connected with the spine. The most common muscle pain. It is the muscular framework that provides back endurance and strength. If we imagine that all the muscles around the spine suddenly disappear, then an effort of 2 kg will be enough to bend the spine into an arc. Nearly 80% of all back pain is associated with weak core muscles. Intoxication can be another cause of pain. For example, back pain from the flu is a classic example. Pain can be given to the back in case of kidney diseases, pancreatic lesions, and also during menstruation. It is impossible not to mention as possible causes of nerve damage, osteochondrosis and even severe emotional disorders.

The back hurts only in overweight people. Thin people are different too. It may be a fit runner, or it may be a skinny model with signs of anorexia. If you lose weight thoughtlessly, then the bones will also begin to lose mass and lose strength. In this case, the muscles will no longer be able to support the joints and the spine. Therefore, as a result - fractures and cracks, sometimes in the most unexpected places. However, one should not forget about the other extreme - being overweight, which is also a serious test for the back.

If your back is sore, then you shouldn't exercise. This myth is perhaps the most widespread. In fact, such activities are even recommended. For people with a sore back, physiotherapy exercises, especially swimming, are simply necessary. The doctor must choose a special set of exercises that will not only cope with pain, but also prevent its recurrence. The main enemy of a sore back is physical inactivity. It has been noticed that people who are in physical shape have much less back pain. Do not overdo it, if you rush into the gym after a five-day week of sedentary work, then the risk of getting your back ripped off is noticeably higher than even for obese people.

For the back, a firm mattress is better than a soft one. This statement is highly controversial. The fact is that all people are different, so you should not categorically recommend hard beds to everyone. Spanish scientists conducted a study, it turned out that the healthiest backs were found in those who slept on mattresses of medium hardness. An excessively hard bed brought a lot of problems to the owners. Moreover, they began after the acquisition of such harsh mattresses.

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